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Deal Criteria:

  • Minimum $20K Projected Profit Per Deal Partner.

  • Will Partner on Rural or Infill Lots.

  • No Maximum Purchase Price.

  • We are open to assignment deals as well.

You bring the deal, we'll do all the rest! We'll then split the profits 50/50

Here's what we do:

  • We send the money to close the transaction.

  • We coordinate and hire a photographer to go check out the property.

  • We order and conduct all due diligence

  • We find a local broker/agent to give their opinion.

  • We open the purchase transaction and coordinate the whole transaction.

  • We list the property with a quality local broker/agent to sell the property.

  • We front the costs and coordinate any value add services.

  • We negotiate any offers.

  • We coordinate the resale transaction and sign all the paperwork.

Our program allows you to focus on what you do best: finding deals! Let us handle all the boring stuff.

There is no risk to you. If we lose money on the deal, we will take the hit (not you).

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